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Wed 16th Jan, 2019, 3:05am
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a listing on Educationalists?

To have a standard listing costs nothing. It is our intention to maintain this feature at the core of our site - it is not an introductory offer.

We know from experience that really excellent, practical educational ideas fail to flourish because of the costs of trying to bring them to a wider educational audience.

We intend to be a conduit for such ideas as well as providing a service for more established organizations and products.

A free listing allows you to open your listing account, give a profile of your activities, a mail and telephone contact. You can change these details as you wish and submit articles and event announcements to the site at any time.

Where there are costed listings, these are designed to give you additional features and move your listing to a more prominent place in the listings.

Given the size of the site and the database supporting this, the costed listing represent tremendous value to reach such a large and diverse educational readership.

Is Educationalists a Charity or a Commercial Venture?

We are often asked this because of the nature of the site - we take it as a complement if users see our site as a useful public service.

We are a commercial organization but that will not prevent the heart of the site being based on free listings.

We are working on a very low cost which is why we simply provide the service and do not endorse the companies of their entries.

We aim to maintain a balance of expertise on the site so that innovative commercial companies, charities, LEAs, universities, schools and indivdual educators and consultants all feel there is information of use to teaching and learning improvement on the site.

We are not based in Britain is it worth taking a listing on the site?

Our first thought on the development of the site was that it should include entries from Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England because we recognized that educational initiatives in each of these countries had gone off in different directions in recent years and a little cross fertilization of ideas would inform school improvement and learning techniques.

Although it fits well with our expansive philosophy, we were presently surprised at how quickly companies from Europe, Australia and the United States found and registered on the site. The issues of sustainable school improvement and advancing teaching and learning are universal and we feel you will welcome some international perspectives on improvement.

We all need to take advantage of the global dimension that the internet has opened up for sharing ideas, services and products.

Where can I find more information about the various types of costed listings on the site?

On the home page go to Specialists click here, then choose Media Information. This will explain all the various options available.

We are a school, can I register and submit an article about a successful innovation we have been developing?

We would welcome such articles as they go to the heart of what we wanted to achieve when we set up the site.

The prevailing educational trend is for collaboration and we are keen to do everything we can to foster it.

We will be theming the site at regular intervals and selecting copy from our subscribers to heavily promote - ideas in action always make interesting reading. Our launch theme is Inclusion in its various facets as this encapsulates the mission of the site.

We only deal with Adult and post 16 learners is their any benefit for me on appearing on the site?

We think the educational success and prosperity of this country depends on the continuity of learning expressed in Lifelong Learning and we are keen to promote this approach fully.

It is particularly important that school based educators have a clear view of the range of opportunities, work based, vocational and academic that are available to young people. So that the transition between school and work or school and further/higher education is managed smoothly and we reduce the numbers of young people missing opportunities at this time.

We also need to support rational and ambitious career planning so that young people can plan a series of careers against a changing economic environment and use their skills, qualifications and experiences to promote themselves.

How many categories can I register in?

As many as are appropriate to the service or product you supply. Please ensure you list yourself in the

I can't see a category which directly reflects what we do and the kind of organization we are?

Once you have registered you will receive a contact email address - send your new category suggestions to us.

When we were building the site we came up with 1300 categories, many broken down by Key Stage or Primary, Secondary and Tertiary so that teachers and lecturers using the site can find appropriate information quickly. We thought we had all the bases covered but people registering have generated the best part of another 100 categories and no doubt the category list will continue to grow.

Why is the site so automated?

There are two reasons for this. For our clients, once they have registered, they can manage their own accounts and add and update detail as they see fit. For us it reduces overhead costs therefore allowing us to offer the free listings as the core of the site.

Our preferred method of communication is by email as this again keeps costs down.

Can we link our site to yours?

If you are a site with education in its various facets reflected in your website, we are happy to have you link to our site.

We are also happy to discuss reciprocal deals on site linking. Contact us by email to discuss this.